My heart licks it’s lips in anticipation.

My mouth widens into a joyful grin.


I am doing what makes my soul sing.


It needs no trumpets,

No accolades,

No gold stars,

or publicity.


Heart and soul,

 move my hands and mind.

Creating art, whatever that may be.

Without earthly tethers,

I am free.



With  these feet so delicately narrow,

I don’t fill the souls that are said to be my size,

These feet of mine seem more suited for fish.

Narrow, thin. More like fins for flipping,

they have me tripping,

through my human life.

And Dory says,

‘Keep on swimmin.’


Flipping, these fin-feet

without tripping.

I’m fine when I’m swimming,

In a  school of souls,

 whose waves

vibe and shimmer like mine.

Pages & Layers

I’m ready to shed the layers that never really kept me warm.

I’m no reptile,

only a selenophile,

and a bibliophile,

and a logophile,

with pages to turn and burn.

I know some pages of my story will keep me warm.

The rest,

ashes in the wind,


my moon lighting upon them,


momentary stars.



                             Being vulnerable is a strength they say.

Funny, it doesn’t feel that way.

          Not with most new people anyway.

                                      It’s like showing up with an exposed

flesh wound

on you soul.

                                                 As uneasy,

                                                as your egg over-easy.

  As raw,

                                                as your meat cooked too rare.

You, left alone at the table

                                                with cold, disapproval

or blank stares.

Jack White Disconnected Us From Our Technology & We Connected by Love (for his Music & Creativity)

Standing in line for the Jack White concert last Wednesday, the general security check was followed with a request for our cell phones to be placed in a sleek cloth pocket with a sensor latch similar to those you find on clothes in large department stores. Note -there was an area set aside for monitored use.

I felt some of the excited energy of the fans drop a couple notches when the phones were being secured, but pick up again when we entered the lobby and in the pit.

People were doing things I’ve not seen since 1993. They were having conversations without their phone as a centerpiece for it. It was weird, but kind of awesome.

Jack White might be seen as a control freak by some for asking we not use our phones. But, as the stage crew started to set up, I began to appreciate not having my phone more. At most shows, fans will scroll through their phones or, take 20 selfies, because typically the stage crew isn’t all that interesting to watch. However, this crew was outfitted in a mix of vintage uniform and costume that made the set-up of the stage intriguing and attractive at the same time.

Closer to show time, there was a fun countdown projected onto the stage that was part artful stage prop, too.

Then, he appeared in full force with his 5 band members on stage. Jack White is known for creating intense musical experiences with only him and Meg as the White Stripes and one of his more recent bands – The Dead Weather, and he stays true to form now. Don’t compare his earlier CDs to this one. Songs from the latest album are 10 times more impressive in person. Faces melted and sweat did drip out of every pore.

There was no need to crane my neck around a dozen set of arms holding phone/video cameras.I felt as many others may have there, that Jack White really did want us to connect with him. A tribute to a title song off the album, the crowd was Connected by Love – for him, his music, his band and his creativity.


Dangerous Actors

A covert spy,

or –


a covert narcissist?

Sometimes they act the same.

Both, at ease with lying,

down their noses at you with

their non-dilated gaze.

They’ll twirl their words

wearing their poker face.

They maneuver you and their ass-


across a dance floor waxed

with love that lasts,

or so they say.

A fine performance, indeed.