Dust storm style. In case you live in the desert southwest.

It’s still Haboob, a.k.a. dust shaboob _dustorm styletorm season in Arizona. While it’s accepted as the norm in the desert southwest till late September, sometimes people still want to look  pulled together  after being caught in one.
This is a weekend look for women, with styling and accessory tips for everyone living in  such conditions:
-Hair pulled away/up (captures less dust).
-Sunglasses, even if it’s not sunny. It prevents you from being blinded by debris/particles if outside.
-Bright or multi- colored top so your friends/loved ones can find you when you are in a group and walking/running for shelter.
-Vegan leather/vinyl skirt is easy to wipe dust from.
– Shoes that are easy to move quickly in (vs. the flip flop commonly seen during summer months).
-Reflective backpack can also act like a flare and shines well in the glare of headlights to alert people if you are stranded  on the roadside, while storing handy snacks.

Fashion and style have a purpose when you know how to apply it well. I wish you a stylish, safe and less dusty summer.


Fun Hair for Impatient, Busy, Long-Haired Women.

If you’re a long-haired busy mom, a traveling career woman, an overcommitted entrepreneur or an enthusiastic festival go-er, this blog post may help you. Your hair may lose its pizazz 3 days post- washing, or multi days exposed to the elements outside. Whatever the situation, this may be your answer to easyFullSizeRender (1) stylish hair.

Here’s a quick and simple upgrade for your tresses. Like me, you may admire the trends of braids and twists, but aren’t very patient with the attention and time these do’s require. This mix of side twists and single braid took me about 10-15 minutes total. No, it’s not absolutely polished-looking, as my hair is layered, and I had to tuck some stray ends with hairpins.  Anyway, unless you work in the entertainment/beauty, no one will be analyzing your hair that much. This works well if you’re hair is a little unwashed. You’ll need less hair product, too. The build-up in your hair will help conceal frizziness, and make it easier to secure pieces together. Freshly washed hair may make strands silkier, slippery and may take longer than the time I mentioned. If you want an easy, fun, style that can look elegant, too, give this a try.

Directions –

  • Take 1 (or 2 like I did, if you’re feeling ambitious/adventurous) sections of hair on the side of your head of roughly equal thickness on both sides. Twist them and pin them snugly together  in the back center of your head.
  • Then take the excess of the twists and tuck these into any one of the three sections of hair you use to create your braid.
  • Wrap the end of the braid with an elastic band of your choice.
  • As mentioned earlier, secure any stray hairs with hairpins.